Method of production of glass containers

The new Merefa glass factory applies state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, which were designed by world-known in glass industry German company HEYE International. The installed equipment allows producing up to 300mil. pieces of transparent glass ware of variable forms and volumes.

The new glass-container complex includes:

  • Batch plant with capacity of 780t. for batch and 550t. for conditioned cullet per day, using equipment and technology one of the world-leading companies EME, Germany.
  • Glass-container plant with capacity of 800 000 Pieces, equipped with recuperative glassmelter, which has a capacity of 265t. glass mass per day.
The glassmelter connected in technical way with waste heat recovering (recuperation) block of glassmelter. This operating principle allows satisfying the demands in electric power at least for 50% and in heat energy at (by) 100%.

The glass containers are produced on three ten-sectional IS-machines. The manufacturer of these machines is HEYE International. Technical abilities of those IS-machines make it possible to produce containers not only in traditional performance but also lighted glass articles. Besides, there is an ability to produce wide-mouthed containers, including containers with Twist-off cap

The coating of glass articles is to be made in two steps: hot metallic spay coating after glass-forming machine and cold-end spray organic coating system after annealing. The hot-end and cold-end coating systems guarantee observance of all the requirements regarding crushability.

The quality of annealing and stress-relief annealing is provided by annealers of world-leading manufacturer Pennekamp, Germany.

One of the main advantages of new production is the presence of several systems for quality control:

  • Automatic systems for controlling an operational process of glassmelter and IS machines.
  • Total containers quality control systems on automatic inspection lines (two systems per every IS - machine).
  • System of working quality control - HEYE International System (HIS) - is a powerful processing tool, which allows quickly to determine defects of all the types and carry out a preliminary diagnostic and preventative operations.;
  • Visual control quality station after annealer serves for earlier determination of those sorts of defects, which are hardly to recognize in automatic way. Operator sends information about determined defects to HIS-system. Such method helps:
  • not to pass defective articles into the packaging system
  • shortly eliminate the problem
  • On-line testing laboratory of containers quality using destructive methods in accordance with not only all-Union State Standard () and of Ukraine, but also with IS;
  • Quality Control Department (OCD) of production.
The above mentioned multi-step system of control and quality ensures that containers of high-quality will be supplied to our clients.

The installed up-to-date packaging systems for every production line make it possible to package all finished product onto Euro-pallets with shrink wrapping method that follows after words.

Advantages of the new production:

As a result of using of high-technology equipment and raw material with high quality grade, our enterprise can produce goods, which are able to compete on glass containers market worthily.

The enterprise specializes in the manufacture of exclusive glass containers, which are used by the majority of containers consumers.

An ability to produce lighted and coated containers.

A special attention is paid to system of quality control of finished product.

The finished product is packed onto Euro-pallets in shrink foil.

An enterprise has a possibility to supply product by means of any transport (track transport, railway transport)

Specialists of the department of logistics are ready to offer an optimum alternative to supply glass containers in any place as soon as possible.

pays an extra attention to feedback in work with clients.