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Question: Dear Sirs! I would like to know how much time do you need to complete a production order for 100 000 Vodka bottles, volume 0,5l?
Dear Sir or Madam! First of all I would like to thank you for your question. Production capacity of Merefa Glass Company Limited allows to produce more than 800 000 items per day of glass containers of different volume and mould made of flint glass. Consequently, manufacturing process of such an order will take not more than one day.
Thank you for a colourful and informative site that highlights the basic types of manufacturable serial production of the company, but is it possible to produce flint bottles of exclusive model?
Dear Sir or Madam! Thank you for the question. Surely, the models of manufacturable serial flint production which are presented on our site are not exhaustive. The productive potential of the company allows to produce any exclusive model of flint bottle; The start-up of new plant will allow to decrease the weight of bottle and to make it stronger. Itll also give an opportunity to apply lightweight container according to NNPB technology (Narrow Neck Press and Blow) in a serial production what will make possible to decrease the weight of bottle and to make it stronger for the first time in Ukraine.

To begin our partnership, please, send your request by fax +38 (057) 7484018 to Merefa Glass Company Limited including the following data: production time, bottle type and it might be also a drawing or sketch of a bottle, data on planned purchasing amount, availability of mould set for the needed article (container) or necessity in purchase of mould set by Merefa Glass Company Limited.
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