The Twenty-fourth International Commercial Prestige Award

On the 6th of June, 1994 in Madrid (Spain), hotel Melia Castilla, was held the presentation “XXIV International Trophy Commercial Prestige, 1993”. This Trophy, established by Editorial OFICE and TRADE LEADERS` CLUB in collaboration with its foreign magazines, was presented to the companies from around the world for the fifth time. The participants of the previous presentations were only producers of Latin-American countries. An important international meaning of this meeting is supported by the following list of participating countries:

Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belarus, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Peru, Rumania, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and Spain.

That year more than 100 companies got awards and stayed in Madrid for two days. Most of them took the opportunity and developed first personal and business contacts.

As soon as the greetings of Mr. Arsenio Pardo Rodriguez, the president of Editorial OFICE company, and lunch took place the organizers proceeded to awards presentation, so long-expected for all the participants. Primarily Mr. Arsenio Pardo Rodriguez was invited to the scene to head a solemn session committee.

He was accompanied by honourable guests, who entered one by one on the scene to present a trophy to the awarded companies. Country by country, company by company was awarded with honourable prizes in the atmosphere of solemnity and lusty cheers of audience. On completion of solemn part the scene became an arena for magnificent performance and fabulous show, performed by SCALA Melia ballet, that proved its extraordinary repertoire. Fabulous show and at the same time completion of this grand event, namely, award presentation of XXIV international Trophy Commercial Prestige caused stormy discussion among the participants, who continued exchanging their impressions in a magnificent show-room.

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