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September 16, 2007 12:13

Alco+Soft Exhibition 2007

The 12th International Specialized Exhibition of the Beverage Industry ALCO + SOFT – 2007 took place in the International Exhibition Centre, 15 Brovary Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine within the period of September 11, 2007 – September 14, 2007

Merefa Glass Company Ltd. display area was also presented in the Alco+Soft Exhibition.

More than 80 enterprises and companies from different countries took part in the exhibition, in particular: Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Russia, Rumania, Turkey, Ukraine etc.

In the exhibition exposition there were presented stands of the famous producers of alcoholic beverages, wines, liquors, juices, mineral waters, coffee as well as glass container producers and glass container decoration companies such as FINEPOR, IBERGLOBAL Wines & Drinks S.L, PALAZZO ROSSO S.R.L., SPEED SRL, VETA, VINDICUM, VINIA TRAIAN SA, AGROAZERINVEST, DANCO DECOR, CZECHY GLASSWORKS S.A., LITA-HOLDING, LUGA-NOVA, MASSANDRA, POLTAVA LIQUOR-VODKA FACTORY, ROKYTNO GLASS, SLOBODA, TAVRIYA and many others.

On the Merefa Glass Company stand visitors had a possibility to have a look at samples of light weigh flint glass produced according to the NNPB technology on the equipment of German company HEYE International GmbH, as well as to get professional consultations and to carry out negotiations with the specialists of Merefa Glass Ltd. regarding production and use of top quality glass containers both of standard examples and of exclusive models produced of the flint glass with the production capacities of a new Merefa Glass Plant.

In the course of the exhibition the authority of the Company carried out negotiations with the world leading producers of the mould sets.
We have also received orders from Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Slovak and other companies for production of standard and exclusive glass containers with the NNPB technology. All these orders will b placed and produced at a new plant of Merefa Glass Company Ltd.