About us

History of the plant

The history of Merefa Glass Plant began in 1896. It was the time when E. Bortkevich, landowner of the Kharkov province, established the production of glass in order to provide glass containers for his own distillery in the settlement of Artiomovka. As for the location, Merefa was suitable enough for that purpose there were inexhaustible supplies of sand and woodlands nearby the plant used as fuel materials for the energy-intensive glass production.

A wide range of glass products was produced at the glass plant:

  • ribbons and textiles made of twisted threads;
  • a wide range of heat resistant glassware of different capacities;
  • glass wool;
  • glass containers for food, liquor and soft drink industry.

In the 90s the enterprise divided into two independent plants: a glass container plant and a glass fiber plant.

In 1994 in Madrid (Spain) within the frames of the 24th International Forum (XXIV International Trophy), Merefa Glass Plant was honored with the Business Achievements Award.

Many changes have taken place ever since both in the country and in the world, but one thing has remained unchanged the quality and excellent customer properties of products of Merefa Glass Plant.

In 2013 the ancestor factory of Merefa Glass Company Ltd. celebrates its 117-year anniversary, and the Company itself celebrates the 5-year anniversary.

New production

June 19, 2008 a new glass plant was launched officially by Merefa Glass Company Ltd. (Merefa, Kharkiv Region, Ukraine). The glass plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery manufactured by German Company HEYE International GmbH one of the world leading machine manufacturers and know-how providers in the glass container industry.

The glass plant is equipped with high-performance modern glass forming production lines on the basis of 10 section IS-machines intended for the advanced NNPB production (Narrow Neck Press and Blow); as well as high-precision electronic equipment of HEYE International GmbH, Germany. A new up-to-date furnace meets the latest requirements of science and technology both in engineering and in equipment. The furnace can be operated in complete automatic mode with the perfect instrumentation system. Quality control of the finished products is carried out with the help of automated inspection lines.

Lightweight container

The NNPB technology (Narrow Neck Press and Blow) is distinguished with the process of press-blowing. Narrow-neck glass containers (bottles) are usually produced with the BB-process (Blow-and-Blow), whereas wide-mouth glass containers (jars) are produced with PB-process (Press-and-Blow). NNPB is the press-blowing process used for production of narrow-neck glass containers.

NNPB bottles are characterized by the following features: absence of so-called settle wave on a bottle body and presence of dots (mostly on a bottle shoulder area), resulted from application of vacuum during NNPB production. Implementation of the NNPB technology provides a possibility to reduce the weight of glass containers considerably and to ensure equal glass distribution throughout the bottle sidewall surface during the forming process, what, in its turn, makes bottles more strong and minimizes bottles breakage in filling lines.